Ever since I was in junior high school, I wanted to be a teacher. My desire grew through senior high and college, as I recognized the impact my teachers were having on my life. They became my heroes – not baseball or football players, but teachers who invested their lives in the well-being of young people.

After I completed my doctorate in European and Russian history, I worked at the U. S. Department of State for four years, but knew after a few years that this was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to work with young people, rather than be employed in the Foreign Service despite the prestige of this career. My professional life subsequently involved surprising changes and I wound up with some exciting jobs, which I never anticipated.

After twenty years with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, which involved working with the American Studies Program on Capitol Hill and other international student programs, I was asked to give leadership to the “Russia initiative” which eventually resulted in serving as President of the Russian-American Christian University in Moscow, Russia, for fifteen years. Can you image how I felt when I stood in Red Square for the first time in 1990 and thought to myself “What is this kid from the west side of Chicago doing in the capital city of America’s Cold War Rival?”*

As a teacher and educational leader for more than 45 years, I learned to describe myself as a “generalist” and a “popularizer” – someone who had interest in many different subjects and chose not to specialize in anything, but explored numerous topics and tried to share what I learned from the experts with others. This website is motivated by my continuing desire to share what I have learned with those who might be interested. I have organized the content by subject matter/interest area. Readers can navigate the website by clicking on the section titles below, or using the menu at the top of the page.

2 Crowns: King Herod vs. King Jesus

This 30-minute video offers a study in contrast between the world as it was during the Herodian dynasty in Israel and the nature of God’s Kingdom as revealed by Jesus.

Written and narrated by Dr. John A. Bernbaum

News and Articles of Interest

“Celebrating Christian Creators” by Dr. Perry Glanzer, Baylor University (September 25, 2020)

Christian Higher Education: Thoughts on how our Christian faith can help us be constructive citizens of our nation, but more importantly of God’s Kingdom on earth.

International Insights: Insights I gained from my work and travel to thirty countries, particularly Russia and other post-Communist states.

Biblical Studies: Insights I learned from my study of the Old & New Testaments, and especially the life and times of Jesus. I have taught adult Sunday School for years and also used these materials in my college courses, challenging my students and friends to live faithful lives as disciples of Jesus.