Questions for Individual Reflection or Group Discussion

  • Trusting in God is an essential part of the Christian faith, but when our culture constantly stresses that we should be “in control” of our lives, it is hard to do this. Do you struggle with this? Why is giving control of our lives to God such a hard thing to do?
  • If “praying for peace” is a basic part of our calling, what inhibits us from doing this? It takes a conscious effort to remember to pray for peace in our broken world, when the natural tendency is to focus on our immediate family and its concerns. Has this been your experience?
  • Praying for peace is the beginning point, but we are also instructed to “seek peace and pursue it.” How can we begin to make this a part of our life and calling?
  • The slogan “Think globally, act locally” reflects the advice of the Bible that our practice of peacemaking should begin right where we are. How do you see this happening in your context?
  • It is hard to determine how productive we are when we work as peacemakers. Jesus promises us that we will be productive if we “abide in him.” Does this help you? How can we find encouragement to continue our work as peacemakers, when the going gets tough?